Treatment of a Pregnant Mother

Treatment of Uterus

During pregnancy the mother is under many physical, psychological and hormonal changes. Osteopathic treatment is safe throughout the pregnancy, although it is recommended not to receive any procedures during the first trimester.

Weight distribution of the body shifts along the growth of the baby. This causes physical stress to increase in areas normally not affected and can cause new symptoms to arise. Most typical symptoms during pregnancy are low back pain, neck and shoulder pain, headaches and ischial nerve symptoms. Also pelvic and rib pain are quite common. During pregnancy you should avoid the excessive use of drugs so osteopathic treatment gives a good alternative.

Osteopathic treatment can help the body to compensate the changes in the weight bearing. Osteopaths will treat the muscles, joints and connective tissues to increase the capacity needed from the metabolic systems. This decreases the amount of edema and pain. Treatment of a pregnant woman will help both the mother and the baby to live a happier and more normal life. Hormonal changes in the body will loosen up the joints for the pelvis to be able to open up enough during delivery. This change will also help the osteopathic treatment to be more effective.

Delivery has a huge influence on the baby. Even an optimal delivery will be stressful experience for the baby, but it is also helpful for the baby to start developing in the cruel world compared to the mothers womb. If the mother's body is under lot of excess stress that causes pain, it means that delivery will not be as comfortable as it should be, for neither the mother nor the baby. This can influence the development of the baby in long term.

Osteopathic treatment can also help with the stress that the daily routines, including nursing and carrying the baby, will have on the mother's body.